Welcome to Women Speak Out…

Women Speak Out is a UK-based feminist discussion project. Its aim is to get women’s views on a variety of topics, so as to build a picture of the key issues concerning women and the current nature of feminism.

Throughout 2010 we held informal round table discussions with women in cities across the country to find out: What most concerns you? Is ‘now’ a good time to be a woman? What does feminism mean to you? and more.

We then produced a booklet which documents the discussions we had. You can download a copy of the booklet (PDF document) here: Women Speak Out booklet 2010 – 11

But we don’t want to stop here! We want women in more cities and towns across the country (particularly in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) to set up their own Women Speak Out-style discussions so we can continue to build a comprehensive picture of feminism across the UK on this blog. Please click here for details on how to do this.

Women Speak Out discussions are an opportunity for women to share their views and experiences face-to-face in an informal atmosphere. A lot of communication between feminists these days takes place online, but we still feel there’s value in meeting up and talking in person with other women. Our discussions are a form of consciousness-raising, creating a space for women to listen to each other, express themselves and work out what they think about things.

In the meantime, we hope you find reading our discussions inspiring and that they’ll get you thinking about how being a woman affects our lives and what we can do to change things to improve women’s equality and freedom.

And if you want to get involved in any way, or would like further info, please get in touch. You can leave your comments and questions by clicking on ‘Leave a Comment’ above.


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