What is Women Speak Out?

Jessica and Michelle will be visiting cities across England this summer to meet up with women to discuss their thoughts on feminism, politics, and the issues that matter to them.

We currently have trips to London, Birmingham and Leeds planned where we will hold café discussions with women to get their views on a variety of topics.

Given that 2010 is a General Election year, now is the time to find out what’s on women’s minds.  This blog will document the discussions we have in each city, recording women’s views and mapping the nature of feminism across the country at this politically significant time.

Where did the idea for Women Speak Out come from?

Women Speak Out was inspired by the book Girldrive: Criss-Crossing America, Redefining Feminism by Nona Willis Aronowitz and Emma Bee Bernstein, a document of a road trip they took across the US to get young women’s thoughts on feminism.

Reading it prompted the question, ‘What would a UK Girldrive look like?’ Given the re-emergence of feminist movement in the country over the past few years, and amidst a recession and other upheavals in politics generally, we feel it is a particularly pertinent time to gather women’s thoughts on feminism and the issues that affect them.

How can I get in touch?

If you would like to take part in Women Speak Out, or would like further info, please leave a comment below.

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